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Synchronous chips seal truck

CLW5318TFCZ6 Asphalt Aggregate Synchronized Sealing Vehicle

Synchronized gravel sealing is used for gravel sealing process in highway surface, bridge deck waterproofing and undersealing. It is a special equipment to synchronize the spraying of asphalt binding material and the spreading of aggregate, so that there is the fullest surface contact between the asphalt binding material and the aggregate to achieve the maximum bonding between them. CLW5318TFCZ6 synchronized gravel is a synchronized gravel sealing truck developed and designed by our company with independent intellectual property rights. It has achieved the unification of machine, electricity and liquid operation, simplified the operation procedure and simple operation, and the technology of the whole machine has reached the advanced level in the world.

The whole machine performance parameters

Product Model: CLW5318TFCZ6

◆Gross mass: 31000kg

◆Overall mass: 18380kg

◆Exterior dimension: 10650×2500×3750mm

◆ Asphalt tank: 10m³

◆ Stone bin: 12m³

◆Spreading width: 4000mm

◆Nozzle spacing: 125mm

◆ Asphalt spreading volume: 0.3-4.0L/m2

◆Stone specification: S3~S20mm

◆Heating method: Leah Road diesel burner + thermal oil automatic heating

◆Spraying medium: hot asphalt, SBS modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, modified milk asphalt,Rubber-modified asphalt

◆Spreading error: ±1.5%

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