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Ultimate performance for your car engine
Discover the best Shell Helix lubricant oils to unleash your car engine’s full potential.

​Choosing your Shell Helix lubricant oil

Whatever the engine, and whatever the circumstances, our lubricant oils are built to deliver ultimate performance. Discover our full range of engine oils below.

Helix Ultra
Shell Helix Ultra Fully Synthetic Engine Oil with PurePlus Technology

Top-tier motor oil that is formulated using the unique Shell PurePlus Technology, designed for ultimate engine performance.

helix hx7 and hx6
Shell Helix Semi Synthetic Engine Oils

A mix of synthetic and base mineral stocks achieve higher performance levels.

helix HX8
Shell Helix Fully Synthetic Engine Oils

Ensuring maximum protection, superior cleansing and peak performance in extreme conditions.

helix hx3 and hx5
Shell Helix Mineral Oils

Shell Helix mineral motor oils help to protect your engine against harmful sludge to help keep engines clean.

helix power
Shell Helix Benefit Range of Engine Oils

Designed to provide you with customised engine performance. This range of products offers you dedicated lubrication for ultimate engine power, hybrid engines, enhanced fuel economy, etc.

helix series
Shell Helix Diesel Engine Oils

The Shell Helix Diesel range is specifically formulated to keep diesel engines clean and running efficiently.

Helix ultra 0w-20
Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology

Our revolutionary process creates a lubricant oil that extends engine life, reduces maintenance costs, lowers oil consumption, enhances fuel economy and keeps your engine cleaner. All to keep your engine performing like new.*


Shell PurePlus Technology works by converting national gas into crystal-clear base oil, with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil. So you will enjoy ultimate engine performance.

Prioritising sustainability

To reduce our carbon footprint, we are committed to providing lower-carbon alternatives when it comes to lubricant oils. This involves making sure it’s easy for our customers to make sustainable choices that meet their engine’s needs.

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