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Shell Corena
compressor lubricating oil


Innovative air compressor oils that elevate operations

Because of their high power-to-volume or power-to-weight ratio, air compressors are a cost-effective and highly efficient option across a range of manufacturing-based industries, helping to deliver the power that is critical for production.

But only a well-maintained air compressor is likely to realise these potential cost and efficiency benefits over its lifetime. That makes your choice of compressor oil an important one, especially since compressors are becoming increasingly compact, forcing less oil to work harder, for longer.

Developed alongside both customers and equipment manufacturers, our Shell Corena range of compressor oils has been designed to meet the industry requirements needed to overcome real-world challenges. With performance you can rely on, protection that’s been real-world tested, and technology that is at the forefront of industry innovation, find an oil that works smart as well as hard.

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Compressor oils and GTL technology

Compressor oils and GTL technology

 Our gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology turns natural gas into high-performing liquid products. Using base oils derived from natural gas means fluids like our Shell Corena compressor oils can offer various benefits over mineral compressor oils:

  •  A lower volatility, leading to less oil consumption and strain on air treatment systems

  •  Faster air release and low evaporation loss, meaning less oil carryover

  • A higher viscosity index and lower pour point, keeping oil close to its optimal viscosity across various ambient temperatures

  • A lower viscosity at cold start, which reduces the drive torque requirement

Together, these characteristics combine for flawless operation, low oil consumption and energy savings – providing a next-generation fluid solution for modern air compressors, no matter your industry or application.

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