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Aerial work truck

Chassis Configuration:JX1041TSCB26 power 90KW122 hp/double cab, 2800 wheelbase, 6.50 steel wire tires, oilbrake, five-speed box, 2-ton front axle, 3.5-ton rear axle, with directional assistance, with exhaust brake, original ABS.Original air conditioner.


Specialized performance: hydraulic 360 degree full rotation, three-section folding arm, single hydraulic lifting cylinder, with two-way balance valve, with electric control operationsLifting arm, four hydraulic cylinders adjustable outriggers with two-way hydraulic lock (outrigger operation is manual, can be a single)(sole control), two sets of upper and lower operating platforms with 1-ton hooks, maximum operating height 13 meters, maximum operating radius5.6 m, maximum lifting weight 1 ton.The equipment is compact, durable, easy and reliable to operate. Unique full-swing three-section arm hydraulic control system.Designed to make the staff operate more smoothly, it can send the staff to the working position more safely for repairing, installing, cleaning, photography, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electric power repairing, pruning, replacing street lamps and other projects of high altitude operation repairing!


Key Features:

1. Arm and outrigger are made of low alloy Q345 profile, no welding seam around, beautiful appearance, high force and high strength;

2. H-type legs have good stability, legs can be operated at the same time or individually, flexible operation, and can adapt to a variety of working conditions;

3. Swinging mechanism adopts adjustable type, easy to adjust;

4. The rotary table rotates 360° in both directions and adopts advanced turbine-worm gear mechanism (with self-lubrication and self-locking).(Function), post maintenance can also be convenient by adjusting the bolt position to easily achieve the effect;

5. The on-board operation adopts integrated electric control valve block mode, with beautiful layout, smooth operation and convenient maintenance;

6. Getting off the car and getting on the car are interlocked, safe and reliable operation;

7. On-board operation is realized by throttle valve for infinitely variable speed regulation;

8. The basket adopts external tie rod mechanical leveling, which is more stable and reliable.

9. The turntable and the basket are equipped with start-up and shutdown switches, which is easy to operate and saves fuel;

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