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Car Transporter

Dongfeng Tianjin Five Position Plate Car Transporter

Dongfeng Tianjin cab, car specific chassis, Yuchai four cylinder 200 horsepower/Yuchai six cylinder 220 horsepower, wheelbase 7100, engine with cylinder brake, Faust 8-speed transmission, Dongfeng Dena axle, front axle 5 tons, rear axle 10 tons, speed ratio 4.875250 (7+4) high-strength frame, 295/60R22.5 vacuum tires, original Paien air conditioning, 250L aluminum alloy fuel tank, remote control central locking, remote control lifting windows.


Upper configuration:

The entire vehicle comes standard with 10 oil cylinders (imported oil seals), all synchronized, and equipped with an Italian Hyde hydraulic control system. The upper plate is 13-14 meters long (including a front manual extension of 0.5 meters and a rear hydraulic extension of 1.5 meters), and the lower plate is 10 meters long. The upper plate is only 2.7 meters above the ground, and the loading surface of the lower plate is only 0.7 meters above the ground. The distance between the upper and lower plates can be adjusted freely, and the distance between the upper and lower plates can be adjusted from 0 to 2.4 meters. The upper plate is made of low alloy high-strength materials, with sedan grade paint, a set of on-board tools, 20 straps, and other standard equipment.

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