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Shell Turbo Turbine Oils


Turbine oils developed to protect, designed to perform

Often the unsung hero of power generation, your turbines are what helps drive the gears of industry forward – whether they’re used to maintain manufacturing chains or ensure an efficient energy supply.

Keeping the power flowing can be easier said than done, however, particularly amid the hostile operating environments that are common in these energy intensive industries. Environments that expose critical components to everything from high temperatures to heavy loads.

Fortunately, the right turbine oil can help. By prioritising protection and performance, our Shell Turbo range of turbine oils can help keep your equipment working exactly as it was designed. And with decades of success in the field, you can be sure that the Shell Turbo portfolio is made up of only the highest performing oils.

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Turbine oils and GTL technology


Turbine oils and GTL technology

Our gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology turns natural gas into high-performing liquid products. Using base oils derived from natural gas means fluids like our Shell Turbo range can offer various benefits over traditional group II/III base oils:

  • A lower sulphur content than fluids derived from crude oil

  • A more uniform chemical structure, contributing to reliable performance

  • Neither crude oil nor location-dependent, meaning long-term availability is secured

And the differences don’t stop there. From lower volatility to a better additive response, GTL-based oils are uniquely designed for the demanding conditions experienced by today’s modern turbines.

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