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Biodegardable Lubricants

Biodegradable Lubricants

Biodegradable lubricants, including a range of high performance biodegradables

Shell PANOLIN - Biodegradable Lubricants

Shell PANOLIN helps customers to meet these needs.Shell PANOLIN brings together decades of experience and experts in biodegradables research and development. The wide range of biodegradable lubricants offered under the NEW brand Shell PANOLIN are helping our customers to safeguard sensitive ecosystems without compromising equipment performance. All fluids in this range are readily biodegradable and have low aquatic ecotoxicity, when eco-label compliance is required, we offer a range of certified fluids (EALs) including EU Ecolabel, OSPAR, CEFAS and USDA Bio-Preferred.

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About Shell PANOLIN biodegradable lubricants are designed toprovide excellent equipment protection in harsh conditionsand offers a compelling choice for customers eager to taketangible steps towards sustainability

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Lubricants play a vital role in keeping the world moving and machinery operating eficiently. As the world's need for mobilityconstruction and industrial production increases, so does the demand for lubricants.

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