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lubricants and transformer


Enhance your transformer operations without compromise

Improve the efficiency and sustainability of your transformer operations while reducing total cost of ownership with the Shell Diala range of transformer oils that protect your equipment and keep it running smoothly throughout its lifetime.

Shell Diala represents a range of high-performance transformer oils, including fluids based on gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology, that helps you to contribute to meeting the growing global demand for energy. Offering enhanced protection, longer oil life and greater system efficiency, they maximise equipment performance to overcome challenges like increased loads and higher voltages.

Shell Diala can also help you to demonstrate your sustainability credentials while meeting your regulatory responsibilities.

Diala Benefits
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Transformer oils and GTL technology

  Oils based on gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology provide an effective choice  of lubrication for use with electrical equipment – from distribution transformers to high-voltage, direct current transformers. GTL transformer oils – such as Shell Diala S4 ZX-I, Shell Diala S4 ZX-IG and Shell Diala S5 BD – offer some clear improvements over conventional mineral-based products. As well as helping to enhance the protection of your

transformer components, they can increase the efficiency of your equipment – including in low-temperature conditions.
Transformer oils based on GTL technology also provide you with consistent performance, helping you to increase the reliability of your equipment. Plus, they are simple to introduce to your lubrication systems due to their compatibility with most conventional transformer oils.
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Demonstrate your
sustainability credentials
with Shell Diala S5 BD

As electricity demand continues to grow, power

generation is expanding into diverse and often

ecologically sensitive locations. Making sure that

your transformers on these sites have a high

standard of environmental protection is critical.

A key element of this is biodegradability. From

offshore wind to solar farms in the desert, it is

important to protect the surrounding natural environment – and reduce the impact of unexpected leaks.

Shell Diala S5 BD is designed to be a high-performance, readily biodegradable oil that gives you peace of mind in operations where performance and environmental impact are both critical priorities. Meeting, and exceeding, industry-standard tests, it helps you to drive the efficiency of your operations while also demonstrating your sustainable credentials.


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A step closer to a sustainable transformer

By enabling equipment to handle harsh, cold climates and new environmental needs, Shell Diala S5 BD supports transformer operators in overcoming the biggest challenges they currently face.

Shell Diala S5 BD was successfully tested by Siemens Energy for TenneT’s transformer substation in Schwandorf – currently the biggest three-phase TenneT grid transformer in Germany.

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